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  • Bob Shoe

    I am a male.
    I would like to show all the respect I can.

    I Was a minster of Christ.
    I did preach against it.
    But even then I preached a lie and new it.
    I really am trying to understand this strong drive within
    I do not know why it is there, but I want to support your
    In the PA area I will give free marriages to all Lesbians that ask.

    I am not looking for sex just understand.
    But I do not know were to start on the net.
    Can some one direct me to some places on the net.
    That I might talk to the right Bisexual and Lesbian women.
    I really need help in this matter.
    I am not looking for sex just friendships.

    I need your help.
    Though I am a man I am hopping you can show me some kindness in this matter.
    Please forgive my need for this.
    I am really sorry for this post please forgive it as well.
    Please forgive it.
    Bob Shoe