Beacon Hill the Series – Episode One

Here’s the first episode of the much talked about new drama, Beacon Hill the Series. Episode One introduces viewers to the main characters and begins to tell the backstory of Sara and Katherine in this political, romantic series that will keep viewers wondering just what will happen next.

Beacon Hill’s award-winning cast includes the finest talent in daytime, primetime and theater today…Alicia Minshew, Sarah Brown, Ron Raines, Ricky Paull Goldin, Crystal Chappell, John-Paul Lavoisier, Melissa Archer, Jessica Morris, Scott Bryce, Rebecca Mozo, Louise Sorel and Tina Sloan!

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All episodes are available with both English and Spanish subtitles through our subscription service.

Aquí está el primer episodio de la tan mentada nuevo drama, Beacon Hill de la serie. Episode One presenta a los televidentes los personajes principales y comienza a contar la historia de fondo de Sara y Katherine en esto, serie político romántico que mantendrá a los espectadores preguntándose qué va a ocurrir a continuación.

Inglés y español Subtítulos opcionales está disponible en todos los episodios, cuando usted se inscribe para una suscripción.…

Beacon Hill the Series is the new political drama from Bella Productions in association with Open Book Productions.

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