Breaking Point Season 1

BREAKING POINT is an ensemble drama following a group of friends as they deal with their dreams, triumphs, and heartaches. This everyday drama explores how ordinary life can be changed when lived with extraordinary passion. Everybody has a breaking point. What will they do when they reach theirs? Website

Created, Written, and Directed by Caryn K. Hayes
Produced by Katrina Nelson and Caryn K. Hayes
Starring Crystal Coney, Olivia Dunkley, Keena Ferguson, Cardell Jackson, Michael Teh, Kyle Steven Templin, Jessica Tomé with Haile D’Alan, Mark Harley, Wesley Alan Johnson, Claudia Perea, Jillian Peterson, Jordan Preston
and Neto DePaula Pimenta, Noah J. Smith
Director of Photography Adam Sherer
Music by Dori Amarilio
Series edited by Zac Hargrave

Episodes 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

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