Easy Abby: How to Make Love More Difficult Trailer

TRAILER for EASY ABBY: How to Make Love More Difficult is the new Feature Movie version of the runway hit lesbian web series Easy Abby Season One.. http://easyabby.com/

The MOVIE version has ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE within and if you purchase the DVD you can watch all the fun sexy BONUS EXTRAS we made for you too!

This TRAILER was made for the GERMAN release from Salzgeber, so you can WATCH EASY ABBY the Movie starting JUNE 24 with GERMAN subtitles on DVD or streaming online. Enjoy until then!

EASY ABBY is written & directed by Wendy Jo Carlton (Hannah Free, Jamie & Jessie are Not Together) and stars Lisa Cordileone as Abby, the queer girl who can’t seem to keep a good love around

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