Empty Sky Official Movie Trailer

Brought together by music, two high school girls, Samantha and Taylor, begin a secret romantic affair. But when Taylor?s mom corners the girls, Taylor seems unwilling to protect the relationship, leaving Samantha to decide if it is worth her heartache to preserve it as she leaves for college.

Samantha McDonnell is new to town, her only friend is the piano. However, Taylor Pershing finds Samantha practicing one day after school, and Taylor becomes enamored by the beautiful music that Samantha is producing. As time wears on, Samantha begins to enlighten Taylor that there is more to life than what is in this small town. It is then that both girls begin their romantic affair. Samantha has just been accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, she finds that it is finally time for Taylor to tell her mom, Donna, that the two are romantically linked, however, Taylor cannot come clean to who she is, and disappoints Samantha, as the looming deadline of her leaving for college is fast approaching, leaving both girls to question the future of their relationship. -IMDB



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