Gigola (2010)

George, a charismatic and adventurous young woman, born from an old, catholic family, falls in love, in her teens, with a female teacher named Sybil. Devastated by her lover’s eventual suicide, some years later, George embarks on an exciting and reckless journey to the depths of Pigalle’s nightlife, circa 1960. After an encounter with a very wealthy, still attractive, but older woman, Odete, who offers her money and gifts in return for sexual favours, George becomes Gigola, a kind of gigolo for women only.


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Director: Laure Charpentier
Writer: Laure Charpentier (novel)
Starring: Lou Doillon, Marie Kremer and Eduardo Noriega

Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 25 November 2010

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