Girl to Girl – Trailer

In 2006, a group of girls were found to create an online series with a comic touch about girls seeking girls.

Girl Seeks Girl was a complete success. Even today, its unexpected success continues to surprise us as we receive more and more of your mail thanking us for the story and pleading with us to return.

The series represented an important milestone in our lives. It made us grow personally and professionally, and it united a group of people who have always dreamed of meeting up again.

And that day has arrived, because we have now decided to reunite and shoot the picture. We still have many stories to tell. Your support gave us life and now more than ever we need you to give birth to this project.

The film will be titled From Girl to Girl, and that describes what we will do to get to shoot it. We are going from girl to girl asking you to collaborate. We are also going from boy to boy, from mother to mother, from friend to friend and from country to country. We will do whatever it takes.

We need your support, we need you to become co-producers who can make the shooting of this film a reality.

We are working to raise €184,000. This is the most basic scenario which would allow us to shoot the film, but if we raise €400,000 (and we will work to do so) we could do something much bigger. How much bigger? We will increase the rewards you will receive, we will pay people who are helping us for the love of the project, and we will invest more in disseminating the film so that it can go further still… Help us achieve this. Learn More

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