Jolene (2008)

The film follow the course of Jolene’s life over the course of ten years, as an abused 15-year-old foster child up until her life as a 25-year-old woman. At 16 she is a teen bride but her marriage is disrupted when she is seduced by her uncle-in-law. Her marriage break-up pushes her towards a lesbian relationship with an emotionally needy attendant, Cindy, who she meets at juvenile detention. This is followed by a liaison with drug-dealing tattoo artist. Her strange choices continue in her relationship with a mobster named Sal in Las Vegas. Later in life she becomes involved with Brad, a wealthy psychopath.

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Director: Dan Ireland
Writers: Dennis Yares (screenplay), E.L. Doctorow (story)
Starring: Jessica Chastain, Dermot Mulroney and Chazz Palminteri

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