Nikki & Nora: The N&N Files Episode 1

In honor of our Season 2 announcement we are posting Episode 1! You can see the entire season on

“Raise your hands if y’all wanna see somethin’ fun.”

Nikki (Liz Vassey) and Nora (Christina Cox) are back in the Big Easy, livin’ and lovin’ and solvin’ the latest crime that’s landed in their lap.

In this episode: Nikki and Nora are deep under cover, in hot pursuit, and in search of a quiet moment alone with one another. They’re also renovating their house and getting into into snits over ‘their’ new favorite jacket. See? Hot cops bicker just like the rest of us.

Nikki & Nora was an unaired pilot that sat on the shelf for ten years. Dedicated fans kept the love alive through fan fiction, and in the summer of 2013 creator Nancylee Myatt and tellofilms raised $65k through the generous support of backers on Indiegogo to bring the show back to life as a webseries. What you see here is a labor of love.

The series stars Liz Vassey & Christina Cox. Guest stars include: Jim Beaver, Aasha Davis, Tess Harper, Janina Gavankar, Larry Poindexter, Armin Shimerman & Kitty Swink.
Created by Nancylee Myatt and Paige Bernhardt. Produced by MyHardt Productions, Liz Vassey, Christina Cox & tellofilms.

Music: “Closer” & “Scotch & Soda” by Katie Todd

Special thanks to: Walter and Magic Tours

Nikki & Nora

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