OUTrageous Web Series

OUTrageous is a reality web-series, that will start off following the daily lives of 5 dynamic women from the Los Angeles LBGTQ community. Each episode will highlight current community issues, as well as these women’s personal experiences. Furthermore, these women will come together to talk about issues that they encounter in their day-to-day lives and within the community. Community is a central theme for our series; thus, these ladies will not only be discussing hot topics with each other but also with the audience via social media.

Audience members will be able to share their submissions with our cast as well as have live interactive Skype/ podcast sessions with the ladies. OUTrageous hopes to showcase LBGTQ women and build a community with not only the LBGTQ audience but also those who are our allies. Open discussion and dialogue about gender, sexuality, religion and any other topic once on the fringe of culture will be put front and center, with no topic too outrageous for our cast to handle.


OUTrageous Web Series

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