Recipe For Love – Official Trailer

“Recipe for Love” is a film about self discovery, passion, and food. Fall in love all over again.

Chance Oliveida is a Brazilian immigrant who owns a green cleaning company. She toils away in her company as she dreams of traveling the world to write her cookbook. Chance secretly keeps a notebook filled with her recipes, drawings, and musings on life. Website

Juliette Bonet is a sexy, entrepreneur who has the accoutrements of the good life: success, money to blow, and beauty. Life is good. However, her love life could be better. Not that she has a lack of male suitors. She is at an age in which she is questioning what she really wants next in Mr. Right. Then along comes Chance who forces her to reconsider her options.

Their lives are forever changed when one of Chance’s workers doesn’t show up for work. What ensues is an unexpected journey to rediscovering one’s passion in life.

What’s your recipe for love?

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