Single Never Married Episode 1
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In this first episode of Single_Never_Married, a web show about a dating expert who sucks at dating, Deon is on a date that isn’t going so well. Her neighbor who has been trying to sleep with her for years keeps interrupting plus Deon’s game sucks. Single_Never_Married is inspired by the book, How to Get Real About Dating, which the creator and writer of the web show wrote (Lauren Hamilton). Go to to learn more about the book.

Single_Never_Married is part of WillP TV, a channel created by Lauren Hamilton and Angela Burris. Their goal is to create content that is fun, entertaining, and real. There are three other web shows slated to be released this month. Please tune in! You can view them all at, Single_Never_Married deals with issues about love, dating, the difficulties around finding a good match, and how we all really want to be accepted and loved for who we are. Will Deon ever find love or die alone with her adorable dog, Violet? Tune in and watch every other week to find out.

There are eight episodes per season and the first season is completed. WillP TV is going to have original content every week for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to leave comments and give us feedback. We appreciate and read everything.

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