Tanner Hall Movie News

Ever wondered what growing up in an all-girls boarding school was really like?

Apparently it involves raging hormones, lesbian experiences, family fights, affairs with married men, putting male teachers in compromising positions, and just all around breaking lots of rules.

At least that is what two young women who drew on their own England boarding school days have envisioned in their big-screen drama “Tanner Hall.”

Longtime best friends Tatiana von Furstenberg (daughter of fashion legend Diana von Furstenberg) and Francesca Gregorini (daughter of former Bond girl Barbara Bach and businessman Augusto Gregorini, and the stepdaughter of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr) spent years swapping scandalous tales of their own English boarding school days. The two put some of those scandals into a script and co-directed their first jaw-dropping feature, starring Hollywood “It Girl” and football heiress Rooney Mara. Read more or  Watch Trailer

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