The Owls Trailer

THE OWLS a film by THE PARLIAMENT FILM COLLECTIVE with Guinevere Turner, Lisa Gornick, Skyler Cooper, V.S. Brodie, Cheryl Dunye, Deak Evgenikos / Directed by Cheryl Dunye / Produced & Production Designed by Candi Guterres / Produced by Ernesto M. Foronda, Alexandra Juhasz / Produced & Edited by Agusta Einarsdottir / Producers Molly Sturdevant, Skip Snow / Director of Photography Alison Kelly / Costume Designer Gersha Phillips / Written by Sarah Schulman / Original Score by Ysanne Spevack / Trailer by Jessica Chermayeff / Graphics by Carly Veronica White / images from the TRIBE 8 “Femme Bitch Top” video Directed by Romy Suskin & Amy / ft. Asia, Lynne Breedlove, Silas Howard, Leslie Mah, Slade.

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