UNICORN PLAN-IT #203: Kiss Kiss Dang Dang

Unicorn Plan-It is a “hot & hilarious” scripted comedy series, now in SEASON 2!

Created & Written by Sarah Croce & Ashley Reed & Haviland Stillwell

Directed and Edited by K. Rocco Shields

Starring Haviland Stillwell, Sherri D. Sutton, Ashley Reed, Sarah Croce, Catherine Wadkins, Amir Levi (and special guest appearance by Deborah S. Craig, Nina Millin, Ryan LaConnor, Idara Victor)

Cinematography by Lauren Aadland
Edited by Lauren Aadland & Sarah Croce & Kim Rocco Shields
Music Composed by Ashley Reed
Additional music by
Haviland Stillwell, Massa Cygnet, *~~, Skibunny, Cunao, CompanyZ

Distributed by Autostraddle.com


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