We Were Monsters And Detectives – Short Film

We Were Monsters And Detectives from Al Benoit on Vimeo.
This film is dedicated to Judy Wuchte. “I cannot thank you enough Grandma for everything you have done for me. For instilling my love for film, for pushing me to follow this dream, for being my biggest fan. I’ll never forget you and how you have changed my life.”

We Were Monsters And Detectives follows Melanie and Sofia, two 16 year old girls, over the course of a summer in a forgotten town. Melanie and Sofia have been best friends for as long as any of them can remember, but this summer is different. This summer, they are facing the challenges of adolescence as they discover that growing up doesn’t always mean growing together.

Facebook page: facebook.com/WeWereMonstersAndDetectives?ref=bookmarks
Production Company: redcapvisuals.com/

Writer/Director: Al Benoit
Director of Photography: Jonah Rubash
Editor: Cady Perez
Sound Design: Kelsey Lynch
Melanie: Kelsey Sante
Sofia: Ali Hadley
Eric: Patrick Richter
Donny: Trevor Larson
Young Sofia: Sydney Riviera
Composer: Katrina Zemrak
Producer: Steve Keider

Columbia College Chicago article on the film: theloop.colum.edu/s/644/newsletter.aspx?sid=644&gid=1&pgid=252&cid=15481&ecid=15481&ciid=56585&crid=0

Film Fridays Special on film: youtube.com/watch?v=mLd9gV7Jq3g

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