Girl Views 2

Alluvial presents Girls View 2, another collection of award-winning lesbian-themed short films.
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Finn's Girl, lesbian movie

The Rules
Kyla, a lonely bored housewife embarks on a phone sex game with Melanie, a mysterious woman. Kyla wants the relationship to go further. Melanie refuses. When Kyla threatens to end the relationship, Melanie suggests pushing the boundaries. The game escalates and both women learn that some rules shouldn t be broken.

Hot girls kissing in a pool – what more could a girl want? Love, acceptance and a sense of normality. DYKE! addresses themes of isolation, self-acceptance and trust. All Billy wants is to fit in. Taken by the hand and left alone to face her fears, who is she afraid of?

Julie is startled to discover that Rome, an ex-lover who she thought was dead, has been admitted to the same psychiatric hospital where Julie now resides. Julie also learns that Rome has amnesia, and thus no recollection of their past relationship. The story unfolds to reveal the sudden end to the relationship between the two women and how Julie decides to deal with past and current consequences.

Petra is a beautiful girl whose life is turned on its head when a chance meeting sends her spinning into inner turmoil. Should she deny her true feelings for the sake of common acceptance, or follow her heart to unconditional happiness?

A friendship forms between a heart-broken fiancée and a lost teenage girl as they both discover the vast space in the NSW Blue Mountains and themselves. Licorice is an eight-minute coming-of-age drama that shows us that there is a world beyond what we know.

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