Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden – Ep 6.1 (SEASON PREMIERE)

Welcome back to the summer of ’97! Last we saw things were sweltering between Sarah and Chloe as Chloe coyly lured Sarah into her bed.
But why is Sarah lookin’ morose? Did she forget that Chloe’s boyfriend, Adrian, was still in the mix?

Sarah: Ellen Winter
Chloe: Storm Garner
Adrian: Nick Libowitz

Director/Writer/Producer; Otessa Ghadar
Editor: Connor Bergeron
Production Designer: Lis de Tuerk
DP: Bim Mamber
1st AD: Jorge Franzini
Production Manager/AP: Ashley Mumford
2nd AD: Dylan Myers
2nd AC: Drew Loughlin
Gaffer: Connor Bergeron
Sound: Jorge Franzini
Art Director: Cheyenne Turner
Lead Costumer/Prop Mistress: Emily Johnson
Assistant to AD’s: Crystal Morgan

OJBG Theme Song — originally by Brent Katz, re-envisioned by “Misspent Youth” (Ellen Winter, Albert Tholen, & DeAndre Baker), with lyrics by Ellen Winter
Infados by Kevin MacLeod
Yallahs by Kevin MacLeod

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