Voicebox Short Film

Voicebox from Daniel Hess on Vimeo.
Voicebox is the story of two young women trying to find themselves in a world where no one has a voice.

Official Selection 2012 Rosebud Film and Video Festival
Official Selection 2013 Annapolis Film Festival

Ashley Saville
Ashley Golden

Nate Nelson
John Gerner
Shannon Nelson
Geetha Stachowiak
Joe Letts

Written/Directed by:
Daniel Hess

Director of Photography:
Everett Glovier

Assistant Director:
Zach Myers

Music by:
Brandon Lackey
Everett Glovier

Behind the Scenes Photo/Video by:
Scott Loraditch

Copyright 2012 To Tony and EG Productions

Website: totonyproductions.blogspot.com/
On Facebook: facebook.com/ToTonyProductions

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